Mobile Trellidor Trellis Barriers

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General Description

A mobile barrier with no top or bottom tracks that stacks away neatly to 14{8aa3b3b8d9505e0e9e25629ccb6e73f1599a5c363fa26c8235ac781aac698d51} of the original size to optimize space. Ideal use in shopping centers for after-hours crowd control, partitioning kiosks, factories, car parks and loading docks.

Technical Details

The barriers are manufactured from galvanized steel and powder coated. The Trellis type pattern is riveted to form a lattice pattern, using 19×19 square galvanized tube sections. Powder coated colours white and black.


Standard height and width per section is 2m high x 2 m wide.


Download: General and Technical Details for Mobile Trellidor Trellis Barrier


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