Convex Safety Mirror


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Wall mount                                                         Post mount

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General Description

Common problems around car parks, factories and offices are blind corners. Safety mirrors aid vision on those hard to see corners, laneways, corridors or any intersections that could lead to collisions and injury.

Safety mirrors strategically placed help avoid collisions at blind or obscured intersections, they also assist supervision of machinery or production lines, giving that extra observation point or can be used for security and surveillance.

We have a range of safety mirrors, which feature heavy-duty fixtures, are lightweight, shatterproof and easily installed. The safety mirrors are individually packed and include all fixtures plus installation instruction.

Our range of convex safety mirrors overcome the hazards associated with obstructed and blind intersections on roads, driveways, parking lots and loading docks.

Technical Details

Antitheft mirrors are fully adjustable and are supplied complete with attachments for wall mounting. It can be used for supermarkets, retail shops, car parks and warehouses where security and safety is a requirement.

Hooded mirrors are fully adjustable and come complete with hardware to connect onto a 50mm post.

Polycarbonate (PC) Convex Mirrors are virtually unbreakable and 200 times stronger than glass. They are not affected by any type of light ray and will not produce toxic fumes if burnt.

Ideal for surveillance, these heavy duty mirrors are suitable for areas prone to vandalism.


  • Outdoor/Indoor Convex Mirror 600mm


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